Taking it on the road....

This summer I've be performing my “Confessions of a Serial Songwriter Live” experience in Living Rooms, Back Yards, Schools and Recording Studios in all the cities I've been traveling to. It goes like this: 

Shelly Peiken was wondering if there was still room for her in a youth driven music business. She goes through a serious funk & comes out on top. Experience a unique and intimate performance featuring the songs that changed her life, and the humorous and heartfelt stories behind them, as Shelly takes you on a journey through “Confessions of a Serial Songwriter.” 

Click here if you'd like to arrange one in your home. 

Boulder, Colorado!

Boulder, Colorado!

In other news….



<<<< I was invited to the Hawaii Songwriting Festival where I mentored songwriters from all over the country along with fellow mentor Kenny Loggins!



Performed my “Confessions of a Serial Songwriter Live” at USC Thorton School of Music’s Popular Music Friday! It was a blast. Love a cordless mic!



Visited NSAI Nashville: For the longest time I didn’t perform "What A Girl Wants!" live. I was sure it was way too 'swaggery' for me to pull off. But after enough requests, I bonded with it and found a way to “make it my own.”                                                    

I was a Master Teacher at the Johnny Mercer Songwriters Project at Northwestern University, the program from which Paul & Pasek emerged (umm, La La Land, City of Stars), and where Lin Manuel Miranda (Hamilton) & Stephen Bray (The Color Purple) mentored before me. 


Found my way back to the Bluebird

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When you're advocating for songwriters' rights, sometimes a song sings louder than words:

Berklee School of Music in LA It's All In The Song

 The E-Spot Lounge

 The Bitter End NYC

Webinar with Songtown


WriteGirl 2016 in the company of some excellent mentors including Lisa Loeb, Jill Sobule, Louise Goffin, Kay Hanley, Holly Palmer, Michelle Lewis, Eleni Mandel, Courtney Harrell, Erika Nuri Taylor, Janice Robinson, Lori Geltman, Nina Woodford-Wells encouraging teenage girls to pick up a pen and empower themselves! 

Feb 2016: Cal Poly Third Songwriting Summit 

Namm Show Anaheim Convention Center Los Angeles. Here I am reading from Confessions of a Serial Songwriter, due out in March. Have I told you that already? 

Enjoyed the back and forth with students at the NYU Songwriters Forum

West Coast Songwriters Conference in San Fransisco, with George Merrill, Brent Bourgeois and Glen Phillips.  

Inside the Music Business...A Conversation with Kevin Goins 

Thank you to Vance and Tracey Marino for hosting Suzan Koç and I at the NSAI Songwriters meeting. We hope you enjoyed our Laverne and Shelly style feedback as much as we enjoyed ourSELVES! 


Huntington Beach High School MMET Program

MMET Huntington Beach High School Master Class

Hear what I had to say to Rachel, Heather & Allie on the Mulberry Lane Radio Show...

Judging OC Hit Factory Song Contest

OC Hit Factory song contest

 Rich Esra's class at the Musician's Institute

Sunset Music Festival Las Vegas with Frankie Pine, Rick Barker, Aaron Benward, Jonathan Watkins, Suzan Koc, Clay Mills, Travis Howard and Marty Dodson

I visited the very hospitable Tobias Music where I performed a Living Room Live (hosted by the NSAI Chicago)     

2018-06-23 16.11.37.jpeg

    Did I mention I was at The 60th GRAMMY Awards where......Confessions of a Serial Songwriter      was nominated for Best Spoken Word Album in some very esteemed company?  

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Here I'm doing a round at The Commodore Grille during Tin Pan South in Nashville. 


     Fun times at the Hunnypot at LA's MINT



      Another night at the sold out BlueBird  


I was a guest on the Fab Fourum! It was amazing!



Had an excellent conversation with Warren Huart for his Youtube channel Produce Like A Pro

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While in Toronto, I Played some songs and shared the gift of songwriting gab with Bruce Harrot on Song Talk Radio

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       Los Angeles College Of Music In Pasadena

               Two Old Hippies Nashville

Scott Southworth Radio Nashville w/Michelle Lewis

USC with Chris Sampson's Songwriting Class


Bookstar Studio City California

Vicki Abelson's Women Who Write with Carlos Calvo and Mike Binder

Listen to conversations with fellow Serial Art Of The Song/Standing "O" Podcast

Filming the pilot for The Song TV Show

Grammys In My District w/ Representative Ted Lieu


Amanda Slingerland, Charlton Pettus and I spend an afternoon talking about a changing Industry...