Write Anyway

Last week was a disheartening time for the creative community to say the least. (If you missed the memo click here.)  

It bothers me when someone suggests that the money shouldn’t matter and songwriters should get back in touch with why we started writing songs in the first place. I’d agree that if it was for money, it was the wrong reason. On the first day we picked up a guitar, royalties were the last thing on our mind. However, it's only fair that after putting in our 10,000 hours, if other entities are getting paid (in abundance) for the use of our content—we should too. 

It's understandable that after 2 years of intense lobbying for change, songwriters would be feeling dispirited right now—perhaps not in the mood to jump back in the ring. 

But if writers stop writing, (whether it’s 3-minute songs, a first shot at a screenplay, or a graphic novel) it would be the end of beautiful relationship: the relationship we have with ourselves—the one that matters most. It's a relationship in which we don't have to count on anyone else for it to exist. If we stop writing…a piece of us will die. :(  So, while we’re on the journey of sorting out the nasty situation of the government regulating our income,  I propose to you this:


When your royalty checks are shrinking, write anyway


When you wonder if you'll ever graduate from hobbiest to professional, write anyway


When you once made a living as a professional but now you’re hobbiest again, write anyway


When you don't know what to say, write anyway


When no one will listen, write anyway


When you can't think straight, write anyway—(especially when you can't think straight)


When it's inconvenient, write anyway


When your hands hurt from typing or tapping, or from moving the pen along the paper, write anyway


When you've run out of ideas, write anyway


When you're totally blocked and nothing has come to you for hours (or days), write anyway


When he broke up with you and you swear you can't go on, write anyway


When she broke up with u and you swear u can't go on, write anyway


When you'd rather go shopping, write anyway


When you'd rather do anything but write, write anyway


When nobody has reacted to a song you've written for months, write anyway


When your publisher doesn't return your call, write anyway


When your editor doesn't return your call, write anyway


When your mother is the only one who likes your song, write anyway


When even your mother doesn't like your song, write anyway


When you can't take any more rejection, write anyway


When you swear you suck (and maybe you do), write anyway


When you just had a huge hit and you think you can rest on your laurels for while, write anyway 


When you hate yourself, write anyway


When nobody commented on your post, write anyway  


When you're boring even to yourself, write anyway


When there are too many other things to do, write anyway


When you're tired, write anyway


When you're uninspired, write anyway


When no one will write with you, write anyway


When they swore your song was the first single and it didn't even make the album, write anyway


When you did get the single but it fell off the charts in a week, write anyway


When you just heard something someone else wrote and you know you could never write anything as good, write anyway


#Write Anyway because you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Because you may find an answer to a question you didn't even know your had. Because you’ll probably discover a piece of yourself that brings you clarity. Because you are rarely sorry when you do. Because that relationship with yourself is too valuable to lose. 

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