^ I was in this video for approximately 2 seconds jumping up and down on the bed toward the very end. I was 5 months pregnant. It was a thrill to be included even if most of me wound up on the cutting room floor.

^ Umm, I"m not sure what was happening here, but it sure made me laugh.

^ Kate Nash covering Bitch. This was a thrill.

^ Thank you, Jesse

^ Ed Sheeran covering "Who You Are." Thank you Universe.

^ There was much touch and go as to whether “Almost” was  going to be included on Brandy’s album at all… up until the night before mastering. Guy Roche and I had the song on the back burner for a while, not sure it was a strong enough idea to even finish. I’m glad we did. 

^ Thank you, Mark

^ Sweet Mandy. 

^ Ryan = Silly + Talented. So much fun to work with.


 ^ My first #1! 


            <<<  "Rotten To The Core" from        Disney's "Descendants." I wrote this song in a bathtub. See story here. The album went #1 a few days after the premiere. 


^ 13 years after What A Girl Wants went #1 it's still alive and kicking. When Judith Hill sang it on The Voice I was in London on spring break with my daughter. I forgot that she was performing it that night. My gadgets blew up with emails and texts. I love her take on the song and I’m thankful it’s still relevant.


^ This is the shower cap song. Stay tuned for explanation in my book. 

^ There are No Words. 

^ The version before The Pretenders cut it

^ One word: FUN. 

^ An Oldie but Goodie.



My favorite way to write: Sitting at the piano. Let my hands fall where they may and see what words come with out of my mouth. Don't think too much.