Hi I’m Shelly Peiken and I’m a Serial Songwriter. 

After writing a few pretty big hits, I was at a crossroads, wondering if there was still room for me in a youth driven music business. When I started out I was a wide-eyed 20 something and all of my collaborators were wide-eyed 20 somethings. But many years later, I was a woman of a certain age and it seemed like everyone else was still 20 something!

So I wrote a book about it called “Confessions of a Serial Songwriter.” 

Which turned into an audio book that got nominated for a GRAMMY.

Which turned into a 1-hour stand-up performance in living rooms and backyards all across the country. Everyone brings a bottle of wine and a lawn chair! We go on a journey of a changing music business, and I tell some crazy stories about what goes down in the room where songwriting happens. Oh and I sing some of my songs — “what A Girl Wants” and “I’m a Bitch I’m a Lover.”

Folks started coming up to me after the show inviting me to perform in their home. Asking when it was gonna be on Tv or in theaters? So I started thinking, maybe they’re on to something. 

Who knows. Netflix? Amazon? Hulu? I love peeking into worlds I know nothing about. Why wouldn’t they want to peak in mine? It’s humorous, heartfelt, absurd, entertaining.

It’s not just for songwriters ya know. There’s something in it for everyone. Especially for those of us who never want to stop dreaming. 


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